Call For Submissions!!!

The KotaArt Award is now up for grabs. Please carefully read and follow the Submission Guidelines provided below before sending us your works.

If you do not follow these Guidelines, your submission will be deleted without acknowledgment. We stress that it is important to follow the Guidelines.

We are looking for any kind of 2-D or 3-D digitally generated artworks. While we will view everything that is sent to us, we will only showcase and award the best of the best. So if you want your works to receive the KotaArt Award, make sure your send us your very best works!

That said, please carefully read the Guidelines provided below before sending in your artworks:


Galleries will be updated with new winners every month.

Submissions are open, and winners will be featured in the Gallery. Winners will have the right to display the KotaGold Award (as shown above) when featured on other sites or in other venues-- in fact we would appreciate it if you would brag about your KotaArt Award! You'll need to check back to the Art Gallery to see if you have won. Please do not send email asking for updates. Check the Gallery to see winning pieces. If yours is not posted in the Gallery, then we suggest you submit again as our judges are constantly rotating, so there's always a different mix of eyes, personalities, and perspective viewing submissions.

Be sure to include Artist Name, Title(s), Description, and the URL(s) for the .jpg or .gif file(s) of your art. We will not open attachments-- they will be deleted immediately without acknowledgment. We ONLY accept URLs pointing to .jpg or .gif files-- we do NOT want URLs pointing to an html page. You may submit up to 5 artworks each month-- PLEASE submit multiple works all in ONE email, not 5 consecutive emails!

Send your emails to:


Artist Name: Jane Doe

Title: Moaner Lisa


Description: Include a brief description of the work & list software used.

Winning works will stay on your server, and we will link to it, so make sure your server is up for load. For download purposes, we highly recommend that you seriously consider image size when entering this contest. For optimal download, we recommend a .jpg image sized to 700 pixels by 500 pixels and a file size of between 50k bytes and 80K bytes. Anything larger than 200K bytes will NOT be posted!

We ask winners for one-time electronic rights and archive rights. At all times the artist retains the intellectual property rights and copyright of the respective work. We do ask that you credit the piece as a KotaArt Award Winner by displaying your KotaGold Award, but this is a courtesy, not a requirement.

We will NOT accept any nudity! Given the nature of this site as a whole, our audience is comprised of families and people of a wide age range from many different cultural belief systems. Our intention is not to censor, but rather to offer art and support to as wide an audience as possible. If you have artwork that will not fit this guideline, we suggest you see our Art Links section for a full list of other submission sites.

As for theme and style we do not believe your work should be stuffed into a box of visual rules. Just send us your best work as anything less will not make it past the judges.

Our web site is an online e-zine that is published monthly. Submissions are constantly open on a rolling basis, so send in your works! Give us between 1 and 3 months response time.

KotaPress and KotaArt reserves the right to refuse artworks containing nudity, violence, racism, sexism, and any other ism that denies the basic rights and acknowledgments of freedom and equality.

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