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KotaPress Poetry Anthology
Volume 3 - 2003

Contributing Authors: Abha Iyengar, Brandon Reed, Candy Gourlay, Chris Bordeaux, Christopher Barnett, David Morgan, Durlabh Singh, Floria Kelderhouse, Gian Kurt Iseppi, Janet Buck, John Birkbeck, Nancy Watts, Pat Phillips West, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Radames Ortiz, Rebecca B. Whited, Reid Baer, RM Engelhardt, and Vera Long

We proudly present the Third Volume of the KotaPress Poetry Anthology! We are presenting this year's issue in both Microsoft Reader eBook format and in .pdf for Mac users. Hope you'll download and take a look at these fabulous poets!

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Excerpts and Author Bios for Vol 3
Click on author name for bios & excerpts:

Reid Baer
Christopher Barnett
John Birkbeck
Chris Bordeaux
Janet Buck
R.M. Engelhardt
Candy Gourlay
Gian Kurt Iseppi
Abha Iyengar
Floria Kelderhouse
Vera Long
David Morgan
Radames Ortiz
Brandon Reed
Durlabh Singh
Nancy Watts
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Pat Phillips West
Rebecca B. Whited

All of the above mentioned authors are featured in the KotaPress Poetry Anthology, Volume 3-2003

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