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Compiled by Kara L.C. Jones
KotaPress Editor

Over the years here at KotaPress, we've had the good fortune to interview with many talented artists and poets. All those chats are still available in our KotaPress Archive from older versions of the site. But I thought it might be helpful to sort of give a brief list to help you find the various interviews. Each link offered below will open a new smaller broswer window when you click on it, so that you don't lose this original list of options.

John Fox, author of Poetic Medicine

Tera Leigh, author of Tera's Wish & found of the Memory Box Project

Ed Hutchins, artist & founder of

Joseph Lisowski, poet & New Works Review editor

Ruth Daigon, poet & author of "Payday at the Triangle"

Teesha Moore, founder of & ArtFest

Lynn Dewart, multi-media artist (you've never seen dolls like this!!!)

Richard Messer, poet & author of "Murder In the Family"

Someguy, founder of 1000 Journals

Kerrie Carbary, artist & founder of Turtle Arts

Kimberly Lindbergs, artist & founder of WanderingMoon

Mary Fogarty, author & founder of Crones Unlimited

Claudia Mauro, poet & founder of Whit Press

Dr. Elizabeth Gray, poet & producer of Conversing With Mystery

Charles Fishman, poet & professor

Vanessa McGrady, Kristal Thomas, Amanda Koster, and Kathlyn Albright, co-creators of bodyBody, a multi-media theater experience


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