Articles offering advice to caregivers about how to handle crisis response, to explore latest theories [like debunking "stages"], and more. For and by other professional caregivers.

Creative Grief Coaching Studio is now open!

Certified & Experienced Coaches Cath Duncan (founder of Remembering For Good) and Kara LC Jones (co-founder of KOTA Press & bring you a brand new Creative Grief Studio program at!

If you are a helping professional looking for certification in this field, then the 12 Module program is for you.

If you are a helping professional in any capacity looking to enhance your skill set, then the 11 Module content-only version of the program might be your fit.

See a video sharing more, details of the program, and the online application on the Studio site!


A Network for Compassionate Care

WA State TEARS Foundation sponsors a new network of care providers who are committed to providing Compassionate Care to bereaved families ...

Are there actual stages of grief?

Russell Friedman, author of The Grief Handbook & co-founder of The Grief Institute, helps us to understand that Kubler-Ross never intended the "stages" for the bereaved people left behind after a loved one dies...

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