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Authors are listed here in alpha order by last name - unless you published with us under first name only, then it's alpha by first name.

We've had so much great poetry contributed to KotaPress over the years. We are leaving the archives of the Loss Journal and the Poetry Journal in place out on our servers, so that all past writings will remain available that way. In this new version of the site, we will look to features just some of the archived and some of the new works that come our way.

We are also offering new poetry regularly on the Kota Blog.

Sarah Bain

Sarah shares works from after her daughter's stillbirth...

Debbie Begeny

Sarah shares works from after her daughter Heather's death due to eating disorder...

Gwen Flowers

Poetry by Gwen Flowers, artwork by Hawk Jones...

Maria Hartley/Sara Deutsch

Poems by Maria Hartley, wonderful digital artworks by Sara Deutsch...

Carol Jo Horn

Horn offers some amazing poem & photo combinations to KotaPress...

Kara L.C. Jones

Excerpts from published collections, plus new materials...

Kamala Kruszka

Poem by Kamala Kruszka: For Peter...

Monica LeMoine

Short Story: Does Loss of a Baby Cause Brain Cancer?

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