Library Revolution

Hundreds of bereaved parents everywhere, from Iowa, USA to Ontario, Canada, have contacted us over the years to say that their local libraries simply do not have enough resources readily available for parents of stillborn babies, for surviving siblings dealing with the aftermath of grief, for bereaved families, period, regardless of the cause of the child's death.

Our "LIBRARY REVOLUTION" is the book list offered in the article below, created by bereaved parents. We ask librarians, in the names of our children -- to honor their lives and deaths -- to please please please make the titles on this book list, ALL of them, readily available to their patrons. If you are a librarian, please compare our list to the titles you have in-house and then consider boosting the resources available. We are asking you to do this in honor of our kids!

Check out a few books for kids reviewed by kids!

The List :)

Notes to future contributors, plus the Library Revolution list itself...

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