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   I am so very touched....the kids went crazy over the henna butterfly with [their sibling's] name on it... we love it so much, it's sitting under the memory tree...thank you so very much.

Grief & Creativity Coach Kara Jones aka Mother Henna offers ritual henna body art sessions over at now.

Henna Wood Cuts

Each is one of a kind and
hand decorated with henna


Henna'd Mail Art

We host many art swaps and artist collaborations over at Mother Henna.


Memorial Henna Retreats

One of Coach Kara's specialties with henna is to offer private or small group ritual retreats for bereaved parents. We talk about intention, get mindfully present, enjoy a cup of tea, and then Kara does a memorial henna design on the client(s). Memorial designs might incorporate the name or initials and date of birth/death of the child. Sometimes the design simply incorporates a shape or symbol that is meaningful. The henna stain becomes a physical manifestation of grief transformed into an expressed parenthood that is too often silenced after the death of a child. If you'd like more information or have questions, please see the Mother Henna site by clicking here.


Henna Can Be Anywhere

This montage of photos shows a henna style deco added to a ceiling beam!

What People Are Saying

you can't imagine how it made my day to see the henna'ed foot!!!

I loved the dragonfly-henna healing.....I really really really really liked it!

About Kara aka Mother Henna

Kara L.C. Jones, Grief Coach & heARTist, is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she concurrently did a 3 year mentorship with Hedda Sharapan at Family Communications, Inc., producers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Her poetic and non-fiction works have been included in publications such as New Works Review, PoetsWest, Real Henna, Conari Press book "Meant To Be", LightHearts Publication's "Soul Trek", MISSing Angels Newsletter, American Tanka, Mother Tongue Ink's We'Moon, Honored Babies, Adams Media's Cup of Comfort series, and more. Because she refused to give her grief writing over to the control of outside editors and publishers after the death of her son, she and her husband Hawk founded KotaPress in 1999 as a creative outlet for their expressive artworks. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher working in this modality since 2004. She has been facilitating online and in-person workshops for over 15 years, including sessions offered at the International Bereavement Conferences, WA State Poets Association Burning Word festivals, and Course Bridge. She helds seats on both the WA State and National bereavement Foundation boards, was a facilitator for bereavement support groups, and was the moderator for the creative forum boards on international foundation sites.

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