Child Death

In this section on Child Death/Accidental, we hope to offer stories of individual children who left us too soon, information about accident prevention, and link to other organizations offering support. If you have something you feel fits this top, please be in touch with us.

From Blake's Mom

Someone ran a red light. Blake was killed. His mom badly injured. Blake's mom shares with us what life is like now...

Lexi's Legacy

After their daughter Lexi drowned, the Scalzi family decided to provide support to other for water safety by providing free swimming pool alarms and free access to CPR trainings...

It is NEVER okay to run a red light

There are several organizations running campaigns to stop accidents, death, and injuries caused by foolish people running red lights!

Water Safety

Too many children die in water accidents. Here are some resources for learning the skills you need to be safe in the water with your kids.

Raise Awareness: AeA Deaths

Though AeA may be a "rare" accidental death, families are affected all the same by grief. This mom wants you to know the warning signs that could lead to AeA...

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