Child Death

Resources, articles, creative writings, research, and more for families enduring death of a child due to stillbirth.

Suzanne Pullen at San Francisco Chronicle

Via her work at the San Francisco Chronicle, Suzanne Pullen has given visibility and voice on a national level to the stillbirth experience ...

Stillbirth: 32 year later

Sherri Smith looks at life and the grief journey 32 years after her daughter's stillbirth...

Stillbirth: 5 years later

Katie Smith reviews the past and makes goals in the present, 5 years after her son's stillbirth...

Dear Abby: pointless and unhelpful reply

It is amazing what pop culture icons can do in terms of reeking havoc. Dear Abby gives a useless, but hurtful reply about photos of stillborns ...

ER episode: media representation of stillbirth

Okay, at least they actually say the word stillbirth. But this episode left much to be desired in terms of representation, education, and awareness...

How many children do you have?

"Would you like your son included?" She was making reference to my stillborn son...Clara Hinton shares her story of answering this question....

You actually think I did not give birth???!

There are those who oppose giving stillbirth certificates to women who give birth. Why? Because we don't give birth? Excuse me?!


Several authors explore the topic of stillbirth through poetry or prose...

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