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Editor's Note

Shaken Baby Syndrome is an awful subject. It isn't something I ever want to think about, but since we are here to help bereaved families, this subject often comes up. Far too often. The following is a list of resources offering information for prevention and support after intervention and death. These sources were compiled by MISS Idaho chapter & KotaPress and are offered here as a starting place for others looking for support or to raise awareness. Please be in touch with us if you know of more resources available.

Karen Coleman, with National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
Karen is speaking in Boise at the Idaho Children's Trust Fund sponsored: April 17 & 18, 2003 Strengthening Families Conference. Their goal is to prevent child abuse & neglect. Karen would welcome the opportunity to be of help on this subject. 601-627-3399.

The Shaken Baby Alliance - they offer support and information for families & professionals. Their Director is Bonnie Armstrong, and the phone number there is 877-636-3727. The website is very helpful - click to Justice & Legal issues for a story done for Women's Day magazine. Very well done site, informative and heart tugging.

Gina Wells' son Joseph was one of many children remembered in an informational and educational article in the June 2006 issue of Parenting Magazine. You can see an online version of the article by clicking here.

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