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By William Benjamin Jenkins

   This is William Benjamin Jenkins, a sixteen year-old homicide victim, and this page is dedicated to his memory. He wrote this poem, "And We Are All Idiots." You can see for yourself from reading his works that the world has lost an insightful and caring person. We would like to thank his father for giving us permission to celebrate William's Spirit by sharing this poem with you here.

And we are all idiots

by William Benjamin Jenkins

I know nothing of good or evil or the reason behind the horrors of man
I know little of a god or what scripture or interpretation is truth
One will say that to be a true believer and lover of the lord is to
hate your fellow man for the
simple pigment of their flesh
Many will say hell waits for those who do not
redeem themselves, yet they should beg for
redemption themselves
No one race is superior and no one belief is the way to salvation
How are we to judge which god to believe when so many
from such "denominations" preach
words of hate supposedly derived from "the holy book"
Who are we to judge who will be slaves and who will be kings
when the actions of so many
reflect so many fools?

About the Author

William was shot and killed during a robbery at the restaurant where he was on his second day of work. He was sixteen years-old at the time. At the following link you will find the story of William's life, and death, along with many links and resources for those suffering traumatic and other losses.

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