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The Thin Veil

By Ellen M. DuBois

The thin veil that separates
makes me sit and contemplate.
You're no longer on the earthly plane.
I feel your presence, but, still the pain.

The thin veil between you and I-
gives me hope yet makes me cry.
Your life goes on in another space;
but, oh how I miss your sweet, sweet face.

Vibrations different here, they're low;
where you are I suppose you know
much more than I left here on earth-
You lived here once and were re-birthed.

I cannot touch you yet I hear your "mind."
I cannot not see you yet I know you're kind.
I cannot hug you yet I feel you care.
I cannot call you yet I know you're there.

What life do you live now in the heavenly realm?
Do you feel and touch? Do you get overwhelmed?
Are you happy now that you're with your love?
Do you hear my prayers to you above?

I can't imagine to be with the Divine.
I remember you left to get home in time.
Although I still cry at my loss in life-
I know you are happy; without grief and strife.

I take comfort in knowing you're there for me.
I know you are with me although I can't see.
You're an angel to me, as you were here before.
Please know that I love you still forevermore.

About the Author

This poem was also published in "Spiritual Visitations," Heather Froeschl, Editor for Ellen Dubois is author of "I Never Held You" and founder of If you or someone you know has suffered a miscarriage, these resources were created for you.


The Miscarriage

By Janna Grapperhaus
"Products of Conception", he wrote, as if it were no loss at all
Yet as I held her in my hand, I marveled one so small
Precious babe, so frail, so still, tiny fingers and toes
You're the treasure I held in my dreams, though it seems no one knows

Cherished soul child, spirit so wise, beloved of my heart
The waiting seems forever, while we are yet apart
But in my deepest slumber, and in my quiet retreat
I feel the breath of your angle wings, hear the patter of your feet

Come back to me my little love and sojourn this life awhile
Gift me with your presence, that I may see your smile
Then I shall hold you tenderly, in love.s soft embrace
And at last, so joyfully, wipe the teardrops from my face.

Author Note

With much love to Cody and Katie - my two little angles



By Bill Duvall
sliding by me in the darkness
on your silver wheels
your cold suggestion
foaled in the sunlight
of a wasted afternoon
your size was our unfolding.

and you were stuffed
with trucks and drums
till Santa leading you away
paused beside us
on the rooftops of the day
journeying through candles
cradles carpets bedrooms
hopes schools
basements and balloons.

the birthday that will never come
is here and gone dark forces too
sunsets flaming through the transom
through the stained glass iris
as your shattered eyes grow old for you

floored ghost, come fluttering anew!!

About the Author

Retired Fed, now Baltimore realtor. Playwright (and actor) with one production under my belt. Writing poetry after 25-year dry spell. My work is appearing, or slated to appear in Comrades,, others.

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