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We've had the great fortune to communicate with Suzanne Pullen, writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, who has now written two extensive articles for the paper that were picked up on the wire services and spread to national news level.

Based on her own stillbirth experience with her son Avery and her research talking with other stillbirth parents, Suzanne offered an insightful voice to the stillbirth experience, the path of grief and healing, the different kind of parenthood these families experience.

If you haven't seen the articles yet, please take a moment to click thru and read them! And then write to the paper's editors and thank them for giving light to this topic!!

San Francisco Chronicle: CALLING ALL ANGELS
by Suzanne Pullen
Sunday, March 5, 2006
Excerpt: THE LOSS

Life changes when you see a pair of pink lines on a pregnancy test strip. If it's good news, your life becomes a 38-week countdown to holding your future, safely swaddled in your arms. You read books, you post sonogram pictures on the fridge, you make plans for a nursery, you put your name on child care center waiting lists.

You don't plan for the doctor to tell you your future has no heartbeat. You don't plan to deliver a baby who will never open his eyes. You don't plan on coming home with an urn of ashes instead of a bag of diapers.

Before my son died, I had every hope -- and worry -- of being a good mother.

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San Francisco Chronicle: Hope with a Heartbeat
by Suzanne Pullen
Sunday, March 25, 2007

It can't happen again.

That's what my doctor told me. She said stillbirth is such a rare occurrence that it never happens twice.

I knew she was wrong. I'd seen the stories of women with multiple losses on online message boards. I'd read studies showing women who have had one stillbirth are at an increased risk for another.

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