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By Katie Smith

These words were written by and are offered in
Loving Memory of Christopher Smith 7/31/75-3/10/92

I'm like a duck unable to stay afloat.
I keep paddling and paddling until I can't
paddle anymore. I can no longer stay afloat.
I am drowning...I'm a duck that can no longer
paddle to the safety of dry land.

Editor's Note

One member of our support group offered this writing about trying to cope with grief and everyday life. It was such a profound statement -- and at the same time, clear, simple, real -- that we asked her about it. She told us that her brother had written it before he committed suicide. We were overwhelmed to know the author of such expression is gone. We offer his writing here as a legacy of his voice. And below, we offer a list of links offering suicide prevention & hotlines. If you or someone you love is struggling and thinking about suicide, please reach out for help instead!

Please reach out for help:
Hope Center Suicide Hotline
Prevention of Teen Suicide
Suicide Prevention Action Network
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

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