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By Shelley Moss

For almost two years now I have been doing research on Teen Suicide which has become an epidemic in our society. Thousands of our youth are dying, not only from cancer or car accidents, but also by their own hand. They are making the choice to live or die. There are many websites covering this scary and depressing issue, however, most people today would rather brush this topic under a rug or just pretend that it doesn't exist. Let me shed some light on this. Just an estimated fact, but 500,000 teenagers try to kill themselves every year, 5000 succeed. Are you with me now?

Ready or not, lets go a little deeper on this subject now. Yes, it does get worse. The 3rd leading cause of death in our 15 to 25 year olds got it, suicide. Scary right? Well, statistics also show that in our 5 to 14 year olds rank 6th for the leading cause of death. Talk about shocking! Want more information now? Try, An excellent place to start for more in depth resources and support.

Do you know the warning signs of suicide? Such as the person gives away their most important possessions. Or that person is getting his/her affairs in order. Another great place for more warning signs and to better educate yourself can be found at,

Now on a more personal note from myself. This ugly and sad word or creature, which is what I personally call suicide, somewhere along the line crept into my home and into one of my children's mind and turned a normal everyday family life upside down. I did not know the warning signs, but in my case, it would have not mattered. Why? Because my child only showed signs of some depression, which as adults know, that goes along with being a teenager. There were no other signs.

What my child and I endured 2 years ago was something that will remain with the both of us forever. My research continues do to the fact that not all children fall under the warning signs and because I still have 2 more children to finish raising. Education on this matter needs to be taught and understood, no more brushing it under the rug. It is reality no matter how you choose to look at it. During my research I came across a website that is a journal from a 12-year-old girl that wrote about the suicide of her twin brother. If you would like to read her touching story then go to,

For those of you that enjoy reading and wish to learn more on this issue simply go to, An excellent election can be found there. For a chat on this issue from teen suicide expert Dr. David Shaffer with ABC news go to
[editor's note: this link no longer works, sorry.]

My child and I were lucky that night almost 2 years ago, but for many others the story is tragic. There are places to turn to in your local areas, but if this is not for you then there are many online support groups who have experienced some of what you may have and need to share or even possibly make a friend. Just one of many can be found here at

Did you know that females are more likely to take pills while males prefer weapons as their way out of this world? Did you know that April is the highest rated suicide month? I could go on and on with the statistics, but those and the warning signs are not enough. Education and awareness are needed too. Another resourceful website can be found at, The websites I included are just the tip of the iceberg. The net is filled with many informative and helpful sites to assist you further. If you are ever put in the situation of someone possibly being suicidal, don't ignore it or brush it off and please, do listen to what that person has to say. Also, be sure to share your experience with someone you trust, because it is overwhelming, and opening up will be helping yourself. Remember that you count too!

Now that I really got your mind going, ask yourself if you really know what is on your child's mind. Do you know? If not, take the time to find out because tomorrow could be too late.

Here are two great hotline numbers to call for those of you thinking of suicide and looking for help, or for those of you who know of someone that is suicidal.

1-800-668-6868-Kids help phone.
1-800-746-8181-Crisis Intervention Clinic.

KotaPress Editor's Note

We are so sad to say that Shelley Moss who authored this article has died. She was an amazingly thorough researcher, always offering writings here at KotaPress and to other publications to help others. And she was just simply a kind person. She is missed.

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