This is the Holidays/Other section where we are offering articles that are more about an overall view of grief rather than just look at specific holiday or times of year. These resources talk about things like the first year after death or a general approach to dealing with any holiday.

Family Traditions: Making Memories

A wonderful presentation that was given by Emily Wilberg at the 2007 SHARE retreat... see the outline here and click thru to see her full write-up!

The Holidaze Approach

One mom inspires another to re-think how she will approach holidaze in the future ....

The Firsts, The Holidays

After the death of his spouse and his only child, Dan Radel had to find a way to survive grief, depression, and holidays...

National Children's Memorial Day (NCMD)

We have articles in the archive here Kota about past NCMD events and offer links for you to find upcoming memorial events...

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