Winter Holidays

You are in Holidays/Winter Holidays section. Because so many holidays happen in late fall thru New Years, it can be a very intense time of year for bereaved people. It is most important, in fact it is our ethical responsibility as decent human beings, to find ways to break down the isolation that seems to decend at this time of year. We must engage in good self-care and then reach out to others as we are able. Articles here will help point you in the right directions for following that path.

Christmas Miracles

Just when Nora's Mom felt they were most alone, some trusted friends remember ...

New Year's Eve

How New Year's Eve and resolutions transform after the death of a beloved child... from Maddy's grandma ...

Trying to Cope: links

In my own quest to stay sane, I get good advice from other parents and discover lots of online resources

Coping with the Holidaze: ideas

MISS facilitators and bereaved parents put their heads together and collaborate to give you this amazing list of ideas ...

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