Funeral Costs

This site is mostly an archive now. We cannot say if the materials here are still available or not. We are no longer researching this topic, so this section will likely never be updated. We encourage you to do you own research via Google or your local library instead.

Help with funeral costs

Ideas from KotaPress staff. Please let us know if you know of something we should add...

Infant Urns

Amazingly affordable and compassionate resource available through Pat Schwiebert's wonderful Grief Watch organization ...

Oxford Cremation Colorful Caskets

Beautiful design work and their site says most designs available free for deaths under age 16...

Ever Life Memorials

While they are not necessarily offering financial aid or free service, they do have some lower cost options that may help those who can cover some cost...

Help in Indiana

KotaPress Co-Editor Katie Smith discovered Flanner & Buchanan helping families in Indiana ...

People's Memorial Association in WA state

While this may not be helpful in cases of sudden, unexpected death, it is a good resource for those who may be thinking far enough ahead to plan...

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