This "Other" section in Rituals is sort of a catch-all. We knew there would be things that relate to Ritual, but don't exactly fit in the other sub-topics like furneral costs or books. So you'll find an interesting collection of pieces here that may oddly fit together.

Scrapbooking Your Baby

Wonderfully informative article from Emily Wilberg about scrapbooking with the memory items of your baby and how scrapbooking can be a useful tool during the process of grief...

Project Linus

From Tiny Baby Sets for premie and stillborn babies to memory quilts for surviving siblings, Project Linus is doing amazing outreach to families...

Discovering Family History

When one heart remembers one love one, we may soon discover others in the empty spaces of our family history...

Cadee Inc. Laminated Memories

Interesting site for having personalized memorial cards made!

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