Frequently Asked Questions About KotaPress eStore

KotaPress now accepts PayPal for all purchases!

Some of our books are now available via These orders cannot be combined with direct KotaPress/PayPal orders.

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How do my purchases benefit bereaved families?

Please see our About section mission & objectives page for full details!

Want to add an item to your shopping cart?

Click the "Add To Cart" button, and you will see a page showing that an item has been added to your shopping cart. From that page, you can go to check out directly OR you can continue shopping.

Want to view your shopping cart to see what you have selected so far?

Click the "View Cart" button, and you will see all the items in your shopping cart so far. From the shopping cart page, you can go to check out directly OR you can continue shopping.

Want to check out and pay for your purchases?

Click the "View Cart" button, and you will see your shopping cart with a "Secure Checkout " button in the bottom, right corner. Follow the easy check-out steps and be assured that PayPal is offering you a highly secure environment where all your information such as credit card number is kept private.

What can I use to pay for my purchase?

Remember that all KotaPress purchases are made via PayPal. KotaPress now uses the highly-secured, online system designed and maintained by PayPal to process all credit card and eCheck orders thru our eStore. You can use American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or eCheck .

PayPal uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt sensitive data such as credit card number, so all your personal information is kept private and secure when using our KotaPress eStore shopping-cart. PayPal offers protections to buyers which you can read about in detail by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our books are now being made available thru When you find these items, there will not be a "Buy Now" button, but rather a link to the Lulu website. They take all major credit cards for orders there.

Why does my receipt or bank account indicate PayPal as the vendor for my KotaPress orders?

When you use the "Secure Checkout" in our shopping cart, PayPal is securely processing your credit card or eCheck. You will get a "successful transaction" page plus be contacted via email to confirm your order has been accepted.

Why does my receipt or bank account indicate as the vendor for my order of some KotaPress print books?

KotaPress has partnered with to bring some of our eBooks and other digital format content into print!! Any purchase of these items will happen thru the website, not as part of the KotaPress eStore.

What happens if I don't finish the purchase process or my credit card is rejected?

When you use the "Secure Checkout" in our shopping cart, PayPal attempts to fully process your purchase. If you miss a step, drop out during the process, or if you have insufficent funds to cover the purchase, you will get a "cancel transaction" page and in some cases, also an email to say your order has been rejected.

What if I have questions about my purchase?

If you have questions, please feel free to email us

What currency do you use to list prices?

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. PayPal is now internationally, so you should be able to make purchases regardless of where you live. Your bank or credit card company should automatically convert purchases from USD to whatever your home currency might be.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs depend upon what you order. When you go through the "Secure Checkout" with our PayPal KotaPress shopping cart, you should see the shipping costs calculated there. In some cases with purchases of things like eBooks or online classes, you will not have any shipping charges at all because products are being delivered online rather than snail mail. PLEASE NOTE: If you have an international address the the initial shipping cost does not fully cover your order, we will bill you for the balance!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our books are now being made available thru They have their own shipping/handling for processing their orders. We are sorry, but we cannot combine items from the KotaPress store with our books from because items are shipping out to you from different locations!!

How to I order your products for resale?

In some cases we can offer our products to wholesalers who wish to resell for us. In those situation, we can often give wholesale discounts. We need to see a copy of your commerical business license to do this. We can invoice via purchase order through snail mail or through PayPal. Please note that any invoice paid through PayPal will have a 3% surcharge added to it to cover our cost of processing. Please call us directly via email for this!

What rights am I given when buying your eBooks?

Please note the following about our eBooks:

  • You are permitted to make 1 (one) print copy of the eBook for your own use.
  • You are permitted to make 1 (one) electronic copy of the PDF file of this eBook as a back-up for your own use.
  • All eBook material is copyright protected and all rights reserved.
  • You may not sell, re-sale, forward, or transfer this eBook nor permitted copies of it without explicit permission from KotaPress.
  • Except for the permitted copies spelled out above, you may not make any other copy!! If you wish to use this eBook in whole or in part for other projects, you must contact us for permission first!

Can I pay with a check?

You can use our PayPal shopping cart system and pay for the purchase via eCheck.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our books are available thru now. They have their own system for ordering, so you may not be able to use a check for ordering those items.

What is your Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your product purchase, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return items. We cannot accept returns of opened items, items returned more than 30 days after delivery, nor any online delivered product like eBooks, PDF files, or online eClasses and eConsults!! Also, we do not refund shipping charges. We can accept returns on the following:

  • Any print book in its original condition.
  • Any artwork in its original condition.
  • Any unopened (still in its plastic wrap) CD, DVD, software, cassette tape, or VHS tape.

If your purchase was made with cash, paper check, or money order, your refund will come in the form of store credit. If your purchase was made via PayPal using credit card or eCheck, your refund will come back to you via PayPal only!! If you have questions, email us!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our books are now available thru They have their own return policy on any order made via their ordering system. Please check with them if you need to return items you've ordered there!!

STILL HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Send us an email with "KOTA ESTORE QUESTIONS" in the subject line of your message, and we'll do our very best to help you out promptly and politely.

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