Parent Support

Stinks to be a bereaved parent and have to advocate the most for yourself at exactly the worst moments of grief when others should be offering care and sensitivity. But it's a reality. We'll help you advocate for yourself! You are not alone.

Stop the Propaganda

We all got on those mailing lists. Free baby magazines. Free parenting magazines. Now that our child has died, we can't stop them for coming!! Now you can do something about it ...

We Can Be Proactive Consumers of Therapy!

You do not deserve to have grief therapy or a grief therapist that causes you more grief than what you started with in the first place!! Krista Hartrich, MSW, is one of the people I trust most in the professional world, and she offers this article with tips for how we can be proactive...

Workplace Entitlements

Katie Smith looks at bereavement in the workplace and what workers rights might be if we lived in a compassionate world...

Closure is for those who died!

If I hear it one more time, I'll scream. No, I don't have closure because that is the "last stage" for the person who is dying, not for the bereaved left behind...

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