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You are in the Parent Support/Self-Care section. Please note that we have many, many articles on this topic. We will showcase some from the Archive and new ones as the site evolves. And if you have anything you think should be added here on this topic, please be in touch with us!

Bereavement Conferences

Conferences for parents, families, professionals, & students. These events can be wonderful opportunities for self-care and insightful learning in community...

Death Cursed Mom

Death Cursed Mom, Dad or Parent...a syndrome that sometimes happens after our children die...not always pretty, but important to be conscious about this...

When Friends Want The Old You Back

Friends and family mean well when they say they want the "old" you back. But it is distressing and unhelpful to hear. We give ideas for how to address this.

Self Care Tips for Holidays and Any Days

Katie Smith shares get ideas for covering all the basics of self-care!!

Coping With The Death of a Child

No. You are not crazy. Article from Kara L.C. Jones

Spirituality and Recovery

Insightful article from Gary Reece, Ph.D., Founder of the Stepcare Institute

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