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This section is Parent Support/Teen Parents. There is a terrible lack of materials to support bereaved teen parents. Grief is hard by itself. Being a teenager in today's world is hard by itself. Being a teen parent comes with all kinds of overwhelming experiences. Put that all together, and just think how very hard it must be to be a teenage parent whose child has died. It is unbelievable to me that there is so little available for these bereaved parents. We offer here, any reliable resource we can find. It's not a lot, but we it's the best we can find. If you know of other trusted resources, please contact us!!

Review of Connie Nykiel's book: After Loss of Your Baby

One of the only books we've been able to locate for supporting teen parents...a really amazing resource from Connie Nykiel!

Helping Teen Moms

After we reviewed Connie's book, she wrote to us with more information... she's one dedicated woman!! We need more like her in this world!

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