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We are honored to know that our little book has had such a big impact on so many of you around the world. Thank you for sharing your Mrs. Duck experiences with us!

"  ... love the Mrs. Duck and The Woman book  ... This is the main [book] that should find its way into a person's empty arms  ... "

"  Mrs. Duck touched my heart and propelled me to go on and help others. It was a real instrument of HOPE…so needed in my life...And I'm ever grateful for the resources, like Kota Press who care for grieving parents. I have found that in reaching out, I am constantly healed in the process. "

As a Social Worker in the local community hospital I address all loss issues that occur at our facility. Recently, a colleague's sister lost her full-term baby at birth. My colleague, who happens to be an ICU nurse, introduced me to your site. I find your site a remarkable and comprehensive resource to refer to my patients who have experienced fetal demise or infant loss. "

"  Thank you very much for the copies of " Mrs. Duck and The Woman".I'm very grateful for the work you are doing. I'm glad to have this information to share with the many families I work with both in our three hospitals and in the support group. "

"  I received the Mrs. Duck book today and I already have read it! Thank you so much for responding in such a timely manner to my request. The story really did help open my eyes to my tragedy in a very different way. All though I do not know you personally, after reading this book, I feel we have a lot in common. It's as if I've known you for years! You and your husband have very big hearts for all you have been through to start Kota Press and the giving of this wonderful book! What you have done is such a loving gift to Dakota's memory. I'll pass this gift along to others that have lost a baby as well. "

"  I've fallen for KotaPress, it's a beautiful place to spend time. I miscarried in my ninth month of pregnancy due to abruptio placentae in 1994. I applaud you for offering such a site on the net and to pair it with outstanding poetry as well, is just a plus on top of the blessing. "

"  I so much appreciate your understanding and support. It is so nice when you find someone who truly understands every aspect of what you're going through. I have been so lost and just wanted you to know how much it meant to hear from you, as I haven't been able to really connect with anyone who totally understands. I really appreciate your sending me...the Mrs. Duck book... "

"  I received your book, and it really was wonderful. Thank you for instilling a tiny ray of hope back into this very isolated and painful time . "

"  We wanted to thank you for writing the Woman and Mrs. Duck. My fiancee and I recieved a copy at the hospital after our baby was born still on January 13. It really touched us and let us know that we are not alone in our grief. It's a blessing to know that people like you are out there helping others heal. "

"  I just wanted to tell you first of all that I went to KotaPress and explored your website - I can't tell you what a wonderful thing you have done...I know that grief is a long process and he will always be in your hearts...I have heard that this is a WONDERFUL book and would be very interested in reading it, for even after two years the pain of losing my daughter is still so raw for me. "

"  Thanks for the Mrs. Duck book, I read in two seconds flat, in between my tears. What a beautiful story!!!! "

"  Thanks so much for the book, it arrived on Friday and I read it right away. It is short and to the point, great understanding, too bad others couldn't understand the emptiness. "

If you wish to buy the original, print version of the storybook Mrs. Duck and the Woman, please click here!

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