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Mrs Duck and the Woman

   This book is a gift from the heart of a poet and grieving mother ... With just a few powerful words, Kara Jones describes the grief of a mother... and offers compassionate help ... "Mrs. Duck and the Woman" is a small masterpiece.

English Language Version, Original Storybook

Writing & Photos by Kara L.C. Jones
Design by Hawk Jones
10 digit ISBN 1-929359-00-4
13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-00-4
Price: $5.00


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Spanish Language Version, Original Storybook

La Senora Pato y la Mujer
Original story by Kara L.C. Jones; Translated by Carla Roel de Hoffman, Nicole Maxwell Arze, & Magdalena Arze Maxwell
10 digit ISBN 1-929359-22-5
13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-22-6
Price: $5.00


Sorry, these books are no longer available here.


About the Original Storybook

Mrs. Duck and The Woman is a story about the death of a child and how parents start over again after that loss. Through a dialogue between Mrs. Duck and Mrs. Woman, we find the beginning clues of how to start transforming the grief.


Mrs. Duck and The Woman

"Oh, but Mrs. Woman," the duck said,
"You can be with your child today."

"How?" asked the woman.

"Look around you, Mrs. Woman," said the duck.
"There is a whole world that needs love
and nurturing. Do that loving and nurturing
in the name of your child."

Author Bio

Kara L.C. Jones, heARTist + educator, offers her heARTwork at and

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Hawk Jones has been a singer, composer, song writer, talk jock, street preacher, filmmaker, photographer and more in his lifetime. You may currently find him on the gallery scene showing his photos in the Pacific NW area. In his work at KotaPress, he keep the creative look alive. If you like this website, then you like his work as he created it from design to code. He and his wife started KotaPress in memory of their son Dakota.

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