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We had no ideas when we sent our little Mrs. Duck book out to Rebecca that she was a reviewer at BabyLoss.com. And we were so honored to happen upon her review a few weeks later. Thank you, Rebecca! Your words help us continue to raise awareness about Mrs. Duck all over the world!

A Review by Rebecca @ BabyLoss.com

Mrs Duck and The Woman
ISBN 1-929359-00-4
Kara L.C. Jones

Mrs. Duck and The Woman is a short story about losing a baby; it is also a story of survival. The book follows the conversation between caring Mrs Duck and the grieving woman she reaches out to one day at the lake. As the two share their experiences and grief at losing a child, we are brought a message of comfort and understanding. The story is honest, direct and very touching.

For me, the arrival of this beautiful little book came at a poignant time. A New Year is traditionally associated with the idea of fresh starts and moving on; I was reluctant to say goodbye to last year as that was the year of my babies. As with Mrs. Woman, I wanted to stay in the 'yesterdays'. But I was strengthened and inspired by Mrs. Duck’s message of hope, healing and quiet commemoration.

Because of the simple, clear and gentle way in which the story is told, Mrs. Duck and The Woman may also be a useful resource for approaching the topic of loss with the whole family.

As Kara, the author, explains on the Kota Press web-site:
"This book was written just after our son Dakota was born-still in March 1999 and has helped us move through the grieving process to a place of transformation. We offer this book to you as a way to try and start putting the pieces back together again. And we offer this book to medical and grief support professionals as a small gift for the most difficult work you do."


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