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Bone Marrow Boogie

Bone Marrow Boogie by Janie Starr

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"What makes Janie Starr's book so inspiring, finally, isn't her triumph
over cancer, remarkable though that is. It's her belief -- no matter what
-- in the ultimate goodness of people. Truthfully written, warmly intimate
and personal, Bone Marrow Boogie is the best kind of book: a
story that connects us, one human being to another."

- Judy Reeves, author, A Writer's Book of Days and Writing Alone, Writing Together.

“Bone Marrow Boogie is so much more than a book about cancer: it's
about love and family, courage and fear, joy and despair, and underneath
it all a choice to maintain an indomitably positive spirit towards
life. It is a book to be read by all who want to experience life at its fullest.”

- Margo Chisholm, author, To The Summit: A Woman's Journey into the Mountains to Find Her Soul

"Bone Marrow Boogie is more than a beautifully written cancer memoir. It
is a survivor's tale that charges us with the responsibility to hold onto
our spiritual awakenings as we return to our ordinary lives. Witty,
poignant, even funny at times, there is a message here for everyone
who has been on or is planning to take a life-changing pilgrimage."

- Ann Linnea, author Deep Water Passage, A Spiritual Journey at Midlife


While I was sick, I learned to love me slow...The dance that was my life shifted from a high-speed twist to one of those slow dances we used to do in college - bodies draped around each other and feet shuffling softly. I went from being the show-off in the center of the dance floor to a contented voyeur, taking pleasure from watching the actions of others. I was as purposeful as ever, but my attention was focused on healing, and that required me to get quiet for perhaps the first time in my life.

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