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KotaPress Poetry Anthologies

Limited Availability

These books are available via Vashon Bookshop:

  • KotaPress Poetry Anthology, Vol 1, No. 1, ISBN 1-929359-08-X
  • KotaPress Poetry Anthology, Vol 1, No. 2, ISBN 1-929359-09-8

Available only as eBook

These books are available only as free eBook, pdf format -- click the title to begin download (opens in a new, smaller browser window):

KotaPress Poetry Anthology, Vol. 2, 10 digit ISBN 1-92935-14-4; 13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-14-1





Kota Poetry Anthology, Vol. 3, 10 digit ISBN 1-929359-19-5; 13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-19-6






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