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Father Son Holy Ghost

by Kara L.C. Jones
Artwork by Hawk Jones
10 digit ISBN 1-929359-12-8
13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-12-7
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About the Book

This follow up collection to Flash Of Life was a year in the making, and tracks the author's path as she heals from the death of her first born son. These poems take a critical look at familial relationships before and after the death, and explore the transformation of grief. It's a story of survival, and if you found Flash Of Life compelling or important to your journey, then this collectionis also a must-read!


My Dear Son,

Because it was the last chance I had to see you;
the last chance before they took your tiny 6 pound body
and made you into sticky ashes for the marble jar;
because it was the last chance I had
to feel your weight, your silken hair, your soft bruised skin;
because it was the last chance I had,
and I did not take it.

My Forever Love,

Author Bio

Kara L.C. Jones, Grief Coach & Artist, is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she concurrently did a 3 year mentorship with Hedda Sharapan at Family Communications, Inc., producers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Her poetic and non-fiction works have been included in publications such as New Works Review, PoetsWest, Real Henna, Conari Press book "Meant To Be", LightHearts Publication's "Soul Trek", MISSing Angels Newsletter, American Tanka, Mother Tongue Ink's We'Moon, Honored Babies, Adams Media's Cup of Comfort series, and more. Because she refused to give her grief writing over to the control of outside editors and publishers after the death of her son, she and her husband Hawk founded KotaPress in 1999 as a creative outlet for their expressive artworks. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher working in this modality since 2004. She has been facilitating online and in-person workshops for over 10 year, including sessions offered at the International MISS Conferences, WA State Poets Association Burning Word festivals, and Course Bridge. She holds seats on both the WA State and National MISS Foundation boards, is a facilitator and HOPE mentor for bereaved families, and is the moderator for the Creation Station forum on the MISS national site.

Editor/Designer Bio

Hawk Jones has been a singer, composer, song writer, talk jock, street preacher, filmmaker, photographer and more in his lifetime. You may currently find him on the gallery scene showing his photos in the Pacific NW area. In his work at KotaPress, he keep the creative look alive. If you like this website, then you like his work as he created it from design to code. He and his wife started KotaPress in memory of their son Dakota.

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