Honored Children
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Feliesha Ann Ward
7/14/1982- 1/10/2000
Feliesha's memory will live on, in the hearts and souls of all
who were blessed to have known and loved her, in her music and in her poetry.
May God bless and keep her until we see her again.
Love forever & always,
Mom & step-dad: Tammy & Chad Cole
Brothers: Brendan & Joey
& all family & friends who hold her in their heart always.
A blood drive is held every year in memory of Feliesha Ann Ward, on her birthday- July 14th. 


Honoring Joseph Wells at:


Andrew Joseph
& Ally Westermann
Love, Mommy & Daddy (Michael and Angela)
One more day refers to a song, one more day would leave me
asking for another and another and another. It is our song to our babies.


Jennifer Whited
Date of Birth: July 25, 1977
Date of Death: July 26, 1977
Jennifer, may you be held, lovingly, in the arms of the Angels until I can hold you in my arms again...upon your birth, I willed my soul for yours, but my pleas were stilled by the air of Angelic wings in divine ascension...you will forever remain in my heart.


Blood was donated in memory of
Margaret Wibert


Brian Benjamin Wiebe
Born Still February 28, 2005

Son of Brian and Jenna, little brother of Matthew, Olivia and Andrew


Matt Wilson
born November 15, 1976 – died December 12, 1976
And in honor of Matt's three older siblings who died before birth:
August 1969, Summer 1973, and September 1975


Lisa Winslow


Jesse James Alan Woods
9/23/2005/ - 9/23/2005
In memory of my beloved great grandson.
You were in my life for such a brief moment.
Though I never got to hold you in my arms, I now hold you in my heart forever.
You are very much loved and missed. I LOVE YOU my sweet angel baby boy.
Love, Mamaw


Kayla Amanda Grace Wright
November 5 - 24, 2004
Her twin brother's precious guardian angel.
We miss you always and forever.



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