Dictionary of Loss
Dictionary of Loss:  V - W - X


Vengeance-Jealousy, n. 1. Getting so tired of being alone in your pain, seeing all your happy friends with their new babies, you wish that they too would suffer, that their child would die. The Insensitive Clueless and Careless types are especially vulnerable to Vengeance-Jealousy from the bereaved parent. This may later lead to guilt. -vengeance jealous, adj.

Victimed,adj. 1. How parents may feel like the victim of cruelness and injustice after experiencing the loss of child. [Example: She looked me in the face and said, "You can always have another child," and suddenly I felt victimed.]

Void, n. 1. The place where I now live that no one cares to visit.


Weeping Willow, n. 1. a bereaved parent [ety. < E. Weeping as in sad and filled with heartache + Willow which sounds like Widow: comp.Widow is to Bereaved Spouse as Willow is to Bereaved Parent.]

What-if Disease, n. 1. The incurable condition of asking yourself ‘what if' at least once a day for the rest of your life.  Example: “What if my baby were here now?”

What-now Virus, n. 1. The speechless, numb feeling in your body followed by the overwhelming thought of ‘What do I do now?“ that occurs almost immediately upon learning about the death of your child.

Whyarrhea, n. 1. Frequently asking yourself questions that begin with ‘why'.  Example: “Why did my baby have to die?”

Wonderment, n. 1. Time spend dreaming or imagining life with our child that died. The creation of memories, and images that sometimes can cause pain and joy, not necessarily in that order.


X-Ray Looks, n. 1. The way a bereaved parent seems to look at times to society, invisible as if others look right through her or him, with the viewer trying to make them invisible.

Xanax moment, n. 1. The moment you realize that Xanax would be mighty fine today. 2. A moment of glee and uninhibited bliss, until the memory floods your heart and you quietly weep inside.

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