Dictionary of Loss
Dictionary of Loss:  Y - Z


You-go-along-and-then-BAM adj. 1. what it feels like to be minding your own business at a coffee shop, enjoying a soy chai, and then suddenly two families sit at the tables surrounding you and put their adorable babies in their carriers up on the tables facing you. 2. what it feels like every year at holiday dinners when your siblings show up with cousins who are the same age your child would have been if he or she were still alive. 3. what it feels like to have your mother-in-law look you in the face at the one year anniversary of your child's birth/death date and tell you that you should "get over it." -BAMinate v.

Yo-Yo, adj. 1. The way a bereaved parent may describe his/her day: one moment you are laughing and the next moment you may find yourself crying and wishing your child was with you. [Example: I was having a yo-yo moment.]


Zebra Stares, n. 1. Reaction bereaved parents get from people unfamiliar with loss; bereaved parents will get startled looks as if they have black and white zebra stripes painted all over them.

Zombie, n. 1. One who goes through the motions on days when grief hits and hurts the most. -Zombified adj.

Zombie days, n. 1. The results of night time terrors. (Note: see "N" words for definition of night time terrors.)

Zone-Out, adj. 1. Being physically at a place but having the feeling of not being mentally present; when one's mind is in a different place than where his or her body is.

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